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Engineering Dynamics Perth WA - Bulk Handling Machinery

EDC has a great deal of experience in AS4324.1 and can offer you a broad range of services covering the design, design audit / analysis, vibration testing, stress / fatigue analysis, technical support, commissioning and maintenance in regard to Bulk Handling Machinery including:

EDC has audited more than 50 various Bulk Handling Machines to AS4324.1.

EDC can assist via stress analysis to measure in detail the operating stresses on machinery, so as to determine and diagnose the degree of fatigue of parts.

Through the results of this diagnosis, our customers can carry out predictive maintenance, optimise machine operation to limit fatigue damage and achieve extended lifetime for their machinery.

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Other EDC services:

Finite Element Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Strain Gauging
Specialised Instrumentation

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