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Our Team

Stuart Herrald
B.E. (Hons 1 Mech), MIEAust CPEng NER RPEQ
Managing Director

Stuart Herrald, Engineering Dynamics Stuart has over 35 years of experience in the field of structural dynamics. A technical expert, Stuart’s range of experience is extensive, with an emphasis on mining equipment and bulk handling machinery throughout Australia and internationally including support to many clients in China. Stuart has operated the simulation and design software I-DEAS continuously over his professional career, applied to a wide range of strength, fatigue and vibration related problems. He manages the Engineering Dynamics Consultants business with a focus on providing world-class excellence in support, service and solutions to our clients.

John Shedley
B.E. (Hons 1 Mech), MIEAust CPEng NER RPEQ
Engineering Manager

John Shedley, Engineering DynamicsJohn has over 25 years’ of engineering experience in the areas of computer simulation and field measurement. Throughout his career he has applied advanced analysis and measurement techniques to provide practical solutions in regard to a wide range of machinery and structures and across a variety of industries. John has been with EDC since 2003 and manages the simulation and measurement activities.

Mark Thrift
B.E. MIEAust CPEng
Principal Engineer

Mark Thrift, Engineering DynamicsMark is a technical expert and has consulted in the field of dynamics for more than 35 years. Over this time Mark has been heavily involved in structural dynamics with a strong emphasis on the application of experimental and analytical methods such as modal analysis, stress measurement, finite element analysis, statistical energy analysis, machine condition monitoring, and other similar techniques in the resolution of dynamics and vibration problems.

Jérôme Georget
B.E. (Mech - ENSIETA, French Engineering Institute)
Senior Engineer

Jerome Geoget, Engineering DynamicsJérôme has over 20 years experience including working in Europe for more than seven years as a stress and structural engineer. Jérôme has experience in the automotive, aerospace and Formula 1 industries. Jérôme is skilled in undertaking detailed engineering investigation into machine design, performance, condition and failure using advanced finite element analysis along with vibration, strain and noise measurement.

Kristopher Taylor
B.E. (2nd Hons Mech), B.Com. (Management and H.R.)
Senior Engineer

Kristopher Taylor, Engineering DynamicsKris joined EDC in 2013 and has worked extensively on mining structures and machinery, both in Australia and internationally. His experience includes simulation and on-site testing of mining equipment and structures. Kris has been heavily involved in the design and auditing of bulk material handling machines, and the resolution of structural dynamics/vibration problems.

Tony Fares
B.E. (Hons 1 Mech), MIEAust CPEng NER

Tony Fares, Engineer, Engineering DynamicsTony has over 13 years of engineering experience in mechanical design, FEA, structural vibration and field measurement of material handling machinery and buildings. Tony's aim as an engineer is to enhance sustainability and improve the life of machines and structures through testing and analysis. Throughout all his work, his major focus has been to assist clients in getting the maximum possible out of their existing assets. Tony is also a strong supporter of sustainable business practices and Health and Safety.

Benjamin Starling
B.Eng (Hons) (Mechanical), MIEAust, ASME Member

Benjamin Starling, Engineering Dynamics Benjamin joined EDC in 2018 after working for capital projects and plant maintenance in Hydrocarbons and Power Generation industries. He has completed structural design audits, fatigue analysis and structural simulations utilising the ANSYS software package. He also performs site strain and vibration measurements to accompany modelling and simulation activities.

Joel Puah
MPE (mechanical), BSC

Joel Puah, Engineering Dynamics Joel joined EDC in 2018. He has worked on a wide range of projects, but specialises in the use of NX simulation software to model and assess the strength, fatigue and dynamic performance of mining structures. He couples this with experience in vibration and strain measurements to ensure analyses are performed accurately.

Thomas Chudy
B.Eng (Hons) (Mechanical) GradIEAust

Thomas Chudy, Engineering DynamicsThomas Joined EDC in 2019 and has been involved in a wide range of large-scale projects. Using his experience in modelling and FEA packages, primarily ANSYS simulation software, he has performed multiple fracture, fatigue and structural assessments to meet client requirements. Thomas has also been involved in a number of data acquisition and measurement projects, where accuracy and efficiency are of utmost importance.

Adam Millachip
B. Eng (Hons 1 Mech)

Adam Millachip, Engineering DynamicsAdam joined EDC in 2019. Since then he has worked on a variety of projects requiring both detailed FEA and precise onsite measurement, predominantly for the mining industry. Specialising in the Simcenter software he has been able to deliver thorough analysis for strength, fatigue and dynamics based problems to meet the needs of our clients.

Nicholas Hann
B.Eng (Hons 1 Mech), B.Com (Accounting)

Nicholas Hann, Engineering DynamicsNicholas joined EDC in 2019 and has since been involved in a number of different projects. He has experience with modelling and analysis in Simcenter for both structural and dynamic audits. He has also been involved with on-site strain and vibration measurement as well as subsequent data processing.

Kieren Herrald
BMedia, Cert ENG, Cert Survey
3D Modeller / Draftsman

Kieren Herrald, Engineering DynamicsKieren has extensive experience in 3-D modelling and mechanical engineering drafting from creating frames to modelling complex structures. Also qualified as a surveyor and in multimedia, Kieren applies his knowledge to assist EDC in providing optimum solutions for our client’s requirements.

Accounts, Administrative and Human Resource Enquiries

Nadia Elliott
B. Comm, CPA
Accountant and Office Manager

Nadia Elliott, Engineering DynamicsNadia manages the organisation’s financial accounts, human resources administrative and office requirements. Please contact Nadia if you have any financial or administrative enquiries.

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