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Application of advanced finite element analysis (FEA) is a major part of Engineering Dynamics Consultants (EDC) business. It is often a vital aspect of understanding the dynamics or fatigue performance of a machine or structure.

The Senior Engineers at EDC know and understand that the accuracy of the output from any finite element analysis package is heavily dependent upon the knowledge and experience of the analyst.

EDC believe that where possible, any modelling should be verified through strain/vibration measurement. From experience, model refinement/adjustment is generally necessary to achieve a ‘good' level of model correlation. Without correlation, significant errors may be unknowingly present in the results. EDC's vast experience in both FEA and measurement ensures realistic computer modelling of both static and dynamic systems. EDC has the capacity to analyse very large and complex models, achieving a high level of detail.

Finite Element Analysis Software Resources

ANSYS Mechanical Analysis software including:

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Finite Element Analysis Engineering Dynamics Perth Western Australia
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