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EDC uses advanced data acquisition instrumentation to measure both static and dynamic strains across a wide range of industries and service conditions. EDC has the resources to measure signals even in the most hazardous of environments. If you think it can't be measured, chances are, it can!

Our extensive experience ensures that accurate data is always obtained.

Data Acquisition Instrumentation
Signal Processing Software
Strain Gauging Experience

Over the years, EDC engineers have been involved in numerous different strain gauge projects. Some of the more interesting and complex jobs have been:

Strain Gauging Engineering Dynamics Perth Western Australia
Materials Strain Gauged

EDC engineers have extensive experience with static and dynamic strain measurement with full temperature compensation on:


Much of EDC's work involves detailed fatigue analysis, typically of welded steel structures. Through measured strain time history data and analysis, the remaining/consumed fatigue life of a machine or structure can be predicted.

Typically, a fatigue analysis would be conducted in accordance with the requirements of fatigue standards, British Standard BS 7608 or associated aspects of the Australian Standard, AS 4100.

Other EDC services:

Finite Element Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Bulk Handling Machinery
Specialised Instrumentation

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