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Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis, Engineering Dynamics

EDC uses advanced data acquisition instrumentation to measure vibration and other dynamic signals such as pressure across a wide range of industries and service environments.

Each of the Senior Engineers has over 20 years of practical experience measuring dynamic signals such as vibration, with access to a wide range of PC based and telemetry instrumentation.

EDC’s extensive experience ensures that accurate data is always obtained.

Signal Processing Software

Much of EDC’s work requires understanding the response of structures due to dynamic loads. Measurement of vibration and displacement is often critical to understanding the structural dynamics for problem solving or validation of FEA models.

Modal Analysis

Natural frequencies and mode shapes are often the key to understanding the dynamic characteristics. A modal analysis can be implemented by using a measured and controlled input force while measuring the structural response. Often the response due to normal operating conditions can be used identify the natural frequencies and modes shapes. EDC staff have conducted modal analysis on a large number of machines and structures including:

Vibration, Data Acquisition Instrumentation

Over the years, EDC engineers have been involved in numerous different dynamics projects. Some of the more interesting and complex jobs have been:

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