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Engineering Dynamics Consultants

We believe that the solution to any existing dynamics or fatigue problem often relies on a thorough knowledge and consideration of both analytical modelling and physical measurement.

What We Do

Advanced Simulation

Audits & Verification

Test & Measurement

Welcome to EDC

Engineering Dynamics Consultants (EDC) was established in 1993 and is the most experienced and specialised structural dynamics mechanical engineering consultancy in Australia. With over 100 years of combined experience, EDC’s team are experts in:

· Advanced structural and machine dynamic reviews and audits

· Comprehensive and extensive test and measurement services – strain gauging, vibration analysis and other transducer measurements

· Advanced signal and data processing capability

· Detailed stress and fatigue computer modelling, linear and non-linear analysis, and solutions – FEA (Simcenter, ANSYS, I-DEAS, FEMAP and NX)

· Design audits of bulk handling machinery to the requirements of Australian standard AS4324.1, International standard ISO 5049 and European FEM standards

· Full engineering support services for the design, supply, inspection and maintenance methodology verification of bulk handling machines

· Development, engineering and site verification of complex maintenance activities on major assets


We contribute to society through engagement, providing employment opportunities to local
professionals, supporting local charities, engaging with engineering professional bodies and
universities, ensuring advanced technical knowledge is continuously developing and remains
within the local community.

EDC is proud to support the Variety Charity, through an initiative that links a contribution to our
core values, enabling EDC to give back to the community and enhance our culture.

EDC also provide an avenue for professionals to engage with the engineering fraternity through
Engineers Australia.

Our Projects

Just a few of our clients