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EDC has the capability to simulate and analyse complex dynamic systems that may require solution of several thousand natural frequencies, requiring simulation of complex forcing functions including time-transient, time-force, time-acceleration or time-displacement inputs and sinusoidal frequency forcing functions.

The following is a list of typical dynamic simulation and analysis types that EDC undertake.

  • Seismic vibration assessment
  • Foundation and systems dynamics
  • Transient and harmonic response 
  • Earthquake analysis
  • Acoustic and infrasound simulation
  • Time motion response simulation
  • Time and frequency domain dynamic simulation
  • Vibration testing and analysis
  • Natural frequency and modal analysis
  • Computer modelling of machines and structures
  • Validation of computer models using test data (modal, strain, vibration)
  • Optimisation of solutions
  • Whole body vibration assessments to AS 2670