Project Scope:

  • EDC was engaged to investigate a conveyer pulley shaft failure and determine the effect on the system with increased conveyer speeds.

The scope included:

  • Strain gauge installation to assess torsion and bending in the pulley shaft.
  • Measure vibration in the conveyor drives.
  • Conduct a dynamic simulation of the drive system and pulley using the collected site data.
  • Conduct a shaft assessment (AS1403).


  • Strain gauge installation was challenging as a result of access constraints on the shaft.
  • Simulating the coupling stiffness effectively in the FEA modelling.


  •  Identified the main load contributing to shaft failure.
  • Identified the root cause for the drive vibration.
  • Uncovered the discrepancy in vibration between the two drives.
  • Provided recommendation for minimising the drives vibration and improving the shaft design for the revised conveyor speed.