Project Scope:

  • EDC was engaged to provide 24hr real-time measurements in support of two scopes during the 2022 plant shutdown:
    • 1. Measurement of pipe strain in a propane compressor discharge spool, during the adjustment of downstream pipe supports.
    • 2. Measurement of the nozzle strain of four mixed refrigerant compressors during machine realignment.


  • Providing continuous measurement of very low strain levels, with the capability to isolate strains caused by pipe support / machine adjustment from thermal effects.
  • Providing concurrent support for multiple scopes, operating four independent Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems across two LNG trains.


  • EDC was able to provide measurements of pipe strain immediately after each adjustment was made to the pipe supports and machine positions.
  • This allowed the client to understand the effect of each movement in real time against pre-established limits.