Project Scope:
• Investigate and provide recommendations to solve excessive vibration levels within the screen building with the use of advanced measurements and modelling.
Assess impact of increased throughput from 1,750TPH to 2,250TPH.

• Implement a comprehensive / detailed dynamics evaluation with consideration of force excitation phase relationship between equipment (screens) and natural frequencies of the building and provide practical engineering solutions to an existing screen building.

• Several design modifications were developed and implemented that targeted areas of the structure that were experiencing high levels of vibration. These included modifications to stairs and additional bracing to an upper platform.

Key Learning:
• Implementation of design changes post construction often results in design compromises that are often difficult to implement or are restricted.
• It is always better to undertake a detailed dynamic assessment of any dynamically loaded structure, before it is built and put into service. It will be cheaper and will always produce a better outcome.