Project Scope:
• EDC was engaged to investigate a long-standing structural vibration issue that was causing cracking failures in the Primary Sizer and the whole of building structure.

• Identify and quantify dynamic excitation crushing and impact forces that were being developed within the sizer, and produced significant broad band energy, sub-20Hz frequency.
• Traditional structural design changes were simply not going to achieve an acceptable vibration outcome, forcing innovative design.

• EDC determined the source of force excitation was predominately from large rocks impacting the sizer teeth, and then they would repeatedly bounce (balling) on the crusher teeth until crushed
• A 200T heavy mass isolation frame with air operated absorbers was designed and developed.

Through complex measurements taken in an extremely harsh environment, dynamic simulation of measured loading and frequency response analysis with collaboration with key stakeholders, the team were able to:
• Identify the root cause of what was a major vibration issue.
• Develop a unique structural frame design that was successful in isolating from the overall structure, from the vibratory forces at their source.