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EDC specialise in stress, vibration and noise analysis and measurements. Our vast experience and advanced analysis techniques ensures realistic results from both problem solving and certification measurements. EDC can assist manufacturers and operators with verification of designs, problem solving and certification of performance from both static and dynamic viewpoints.

  • Structural computer modelling (FEA)
  • Static and dynamic stress analysis – linear and nonlinear
  • Strain gauging & fatigue assessment
  • Ride Quality (Ride Index & Hunting)
  • Whole-body vibration
  • Track Force (axle & flange loading)
  • Noise source ranking and identification
  • Internal & pass-by noise certification
  • Occupational noise assessment
  • Video wheel rail interaction
  • Absolute and relative displacement motions
  • Normal mode and natural frequency dynamics
  • Data logging – strain and load monitoring, temperature on:
    • Wagon structure
    • Wheel sets
    • Bearings
    • Draft gear & couplings