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Over the years, EDC has been involved in numerous different strain gauge projects. Some of the more interesting and complex jobs have been:

  • Shaft torque strain monitoring on numerous mining/marine shafts and fans.
  • Underwater strain measurement on the keel of a high-speed catamaran vessel and on the blades of an agitator.
  • Simultaneous strain measurement of in excess of 80 channels of dynamic strain.
  • Residual stress measurements on highly loaded structures.
  • Installation and monitoring of high temperature weldable strain gauges on a kiln, blast furnace and continuous metal casting machine.
  • Multi-channel strain gauge installation and measurement on many Ball/SAG mills through telemetry instrumentation.
  • Similar multi-channel strain gauge installation and measurement on reclaimer bucketwheels and using radio telemetry instrumentation, record dynamic strains during normal digging operation. 
  • Duty cycle monitoring of strains or loads on mobile equipment using radio telemetry and datalogging instrumentation