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“If it moves, we can probably measure it”

EDC uses advanced data acquisition instrumentation to measure both static and dynamic strains across a wide range of industries and service conditions. EDC has the resources to measure signals even in the most hazardous of environments.

Our dedicated Test and Measurement (T&M) team have a range of in-house test instrumentation suitable for site data acquisition.  Testing capabilities include:

  • Strain gauge testing – weldable, bondable gauges
  • Vibration and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) measurement
  • Vibration – high quality servo accelerometers for vibrations down to DC, piezoelectric accelerometers for higher frequency vibration.
  • Static and dynamic load measurement
  • Fatigue damage monitoring
  • Data logging – high speed and low speed data loggers for vibration, strain and other signals.
  • Unattended data logging – loggers can be set up to acquire data over long periods, unattended
  • Remote data logging – remote control and downloading of data using modems
  • Vibration assessment of buildings and plant
  • Modal testing – instrumented impact hammer.
  • FFT analysis – noise, vibration, modal analysis
  • General transducers – displacement, load, pressures etc

Data Acquisition Instrumentation

Signal Processing

Structural and Machine Dynamics

Modal Analysis

Strain Gauging

Displacement Measurements

Industrial Acoustics and Infrasound

Motion Amplification Technology